Special Orders


It’s very simple. Just send me the CD originally distributed by the artist, with the songs you want me to sequence, including the song titles, your name, address, email address, phone number and any special instructions on a separate sheet of paper. It is necessary to send the original CD as opposed to a copy with compression history. I will return any original recordings to you if requested. If you copy the songs from the original CD with a dual well recorder, this will also work.

If you do not have the original CD, you can go to any online store ( Amazon, Best Buy, etc.) order the CD, and enter my address (found at the bottom of this page) as the shipping address. Then send me an email to let me know the CD has been ordered, including with the email, the song titles you want, your name and address and phone number and any special instructions.

Please send recordings to:

Ron Fry

23 North Daisy Ave.

Highland Springs, VA   USA   23075


Do Not send MP3s!

Do Not send attachments of any kind to my email address!

I cannot work with an MP3 ! The process of making a MP3 will delete up to 20% of the music that I need to hear.

Burning a CD from a MP3 does not improve their poor sound quality and will not be accepted.

I do, however, accept M4A files!    You must still send the file to me on a CD Rom, via snail mail ( due to the large size of the file ) and they MUST be accompanied by a legitimate paid receipt. If you find that the MP4 is small enough to be emailed, contact me with a text email, and I will provide you the special email address I have setup to receive attachments only.

MP4s of live performances cannot be accepted.

To Pay for Special MIDI Orders

To pay for a special order, enter the agreed upon price into the box below and add it to your cart. Then, checkout as usual through PayPal.

Pricing & Shipping Information

The average price for a four minute song (omitting the melody line and solos) is usually in the $65 to $95 range. This does not mean that your particular song will be in that range. Pricing could be as high as $150. depending of course on the particular song. Adding the melody and or solos will cost more. I charge by the hour, so I will not know the final price until the file is complete, which is why I cannot provide estimates for any particular song. I will complete the entire song, less the melody and solos, then any changes to the original you wish me to make is no problem.

Please DO NOT send CDs via Express mail or by any carrier that requires a delivery signature. Simply check the USPS “waiver of signature” box on the address label that allows delivery without my signature.

Payment must be made with a credit or debit card, or PayPal. Western Union payments will also be accepted. I can no longer accept payment sent by snail mail.

Please do not send recordings of mainstream jazz, show tunes, standards, or any other non-commercial songs, without discussing them with me in advance.

I do not accept Rap or Hip Hop recordings. Real musicians do not listen to that crap.

The minimum price for sequencing and or arranging original or undistributed recordings is $175.

All completed files are copyrighted by Ron Fry and added to my catalog for resale to compensate for the very low special order prices I charge.