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We sat down with Carl and asked some detailed questions to really help us understand his story…How he began his career, who are his influences, how does he go about writing, just to name a few. Hopefully, you’ll know Carl a bit better once you read our interview. Enjoy!

Carl In Blue Jacket with SaxCarl, tell us how you got started in music.

My dad strapped an accordion on me in the first grade and I didn’t like it because it was so big. I joined the choir in third grade and sang my first solo. I was a stand-out in the group because my voice was higher than everyone else – even the girls!

How long have you been writing and recording?

The timelines for writing and recording are different. I began writing songs on the piano beginning in my early teens. My first recording was made when I was a senior in high school. I wrote a song called “Elephant Land” that was featured in a high school musical, and it was recorded along with the entire production.

When I entered the Armed Forces, I was in the Army Band and had access to all of the equipment and really began recording then.

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