Located about a block from my homebase, RF Studios is in a redesigned commercial space, with a main room that has knee walls covered with corrigated rubber backed carpet and slanted walls above that, covered with OSB, that does a nice job of eliminating unwanted reverb, while generating the perfect amount of slapback for microphone applications. The sound booth is large enough for more than one person, and is used for prestine recordings of vocals and acoustic instruments. Live recordings of the entire band can be done in the main room as well as track by track.

The 24 track Yamaha AW2400 is an amazing piece of technology, and is what I have chosen for the studio’s recorder, in addition to a handpicked collection of microphones, each chosen for being the best at a specific task. E-drums are the only drums used in the studio, and I have put together a one off 14 piece Yamaha set with 3 brains, and a trigger to MIDI converter that reroutes snares and bass drums to the large selection available in the Motif. E-drums include 4 toms in stereo, 8 cymbals in stereo, and a vintage Zil -A 14″ hi hat. Keys include weighted and semi weighted 88 key controllers for the Motif, and several other vintage keys and sound modules. Vintage Fender amps and a Vox emulator amp with digital effects, and analog effects pedals, are available for guitars.

Rates: Mastered CD in hand, no extra fees, engineer included, $150. per song !