Ed Hamilton

I disdain bios.
How do you encapsulate a lifetime of making music into a neat little list?
Being a musician today requires a big tool box of skills.
In a way, my career mirrors all the the changes in how music is conceived and created in all the various forms and genres music is a part of.
I began like most musicians – sitting in room with an instrument and shedding for hours,days,years.
Studies with genius teachers. Played with incredible musicians.
And shed more hours,days,years.
Just out of high school and beginning to make some sessions – drum machines appeared. So I bought one (all of them over time actually) and learned.
Sampling arrived – shed that.
Mac’s and sequencing – shed.
Became an audio engineer – more things to shed.
Studied composition and arranging with legendary teachers and – yup, shed.
Built a private project recording studio before anyone used the term. Which led to owning a commercial studio. (tons of fun but its not going to buy you a vacation condo in Maui) and was an early adopter of digital audio and workstations (before “pro tools” became a verb)
None of which occurred because I’m a genius – but because it was inevitable and I just happened to be trying to make the most music using the new tools that were arriving.
All of this is pretty much the normal process for musicians nowadays but in retrospect, its was a drastic departure from the “old” way of doing things.
And now the speed of these changes is increasing yet again.
I’m on it. In it. Determined to use every skill acquired in a lifetime of shedding to simply make better music.
That’s the gig.
Make better music.
Compose better, Play better, Produce better, Engineer better, Mix/Master better, Dream bigger.
Below are the types of lists that I hate but seems required.
Apologies if it seems self-agrandizing a bit.
It’s not. It’s just that I’ve been at it a long time and my passion is undiminished.
More better, bigger music to come.

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