Chris Standring

Chris Standring’s got a little piece of advice for fans checking out his latest – and for sure his funkiest ever – collection on Ultimate Vibe Recordings: don’t talk, Dance!

Continuing to find fresh, dynamic ways to break new ground in contemporary jazz 16 years after seducing us with his debut album Velvet, the versatile composer, guitarist and producer lets the groove – along with his loyal archtop Benedetto and Fender Stratocaster – do all the conversing on a set that bridges old school R&B/soul-jazz with a trippy, soundscape rich, ultra-contemporary electronica vibe. Taking yet another dramatic and spirited left turn four years after his critically acclaimed classical/jazz set Blue Bolero redefined his and the genre’s creative boundaries, the versatile guitarist and composer – amping up to 120 bpm on most cuts – goes deep with his love for Euro-styled drum/bass driven chill, progressive dance music, ambient trance, electronic dance music (EDM) and even dubstep.

For Standring, upping his game as a producer leads to a lot of exciting experimentation throughout the 13 tracks, including many passages where vibe trumps melody and his trademark electric guitar sound – so much the focus on his pop-oriented 2012 set Electric Wonderland. He even has a blast with the talkbox on the densely percussive, high energy opening track “Sky High” and the album’s quirky yet sensual, easy-shuffling first single, “Sneakin’ Out The Front Door.”

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